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Celebrating Working Mothers

By Julian Flannery | May 6, 2022

When I decided to start Summus, I spent a lot of time thinking about not only the product and the experience that I wanted to build, but the team and the culture that we would need to be successful. (Read more)

I wanted to work with people who were smart, restless, curious and who wanted […]

BenefitsPro: The new frontier in employee benefits: Virtual specialty care

By Julian Flannery | January 10, 2022

New, personalized virtual care models deliver broad, high-quality solutions beyond primary and urgent care telemedicine.

The health care system doesn’t make it easy to get answers. It is often perplexing for both employees and employers to navigate the process and get access to good, timely care. Paperwork, forms, the wait to see doctors, cost, miscommunications, bad […]

Bringing back “le bon docteur”

By Julian Flannery | April 21, 2017

Quality interactions with a doctor: one of the most important aspects of one’s health is, unfortunately, one of the most elusive. In “The Endangered ‘Good Doctor,’” a Wall Street Journal article honoring Dr. Burton J. Lee III, a former patient remembers how Dr. Lee had the important quality of understanding the value of a personal relationship between […]

Treating better by talking more

More time communicating with doctors may reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients

By Julian Flannery | March 28, 2017

According to Harvard Business School researchers, one of the most effective ways to improve patient outcomes is also one of the simplest: physicians talking more with patients.
Unfortunately, the fee-for-service payment model in the US does not properly value physicians’ time, but rather incentivizes doctors to maximize treatment volumes and minimize unprofitable consultations. This is bad […]

Summus partners with XOJET and JetSmarter, innovators in private aviation

By Julian Flannery | February 27, 2017

At Summus, we seek to partner with innovative companies that share our commitment to excellence and client service, and that recognize the differentiated value Summus brings to their clients.
We have forged alliances with two leading private aviation companies that represent these ideals. Last year, XOJET named Summus as its inaugural wellness partner, and we […]

A Different Healthcare Experience

By Julian Flannery | February 8, 2017

The great paradox of our healthcare system is the extraordinary physicians who train and practice across our country, and how challenging it is for families to access their expertise and talents.
My personal journey to founding Summus began early on when my family faced complex health issues. In each case, the long march to answers was […]

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Summus informs medical decisions through fast, direct access to the world's best medical expertise. Our platform empowers families through navigation support and on-demand access to leading specialists across 48 leading hospitals - within days, from anywhere in the world.

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