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Understanding your heart health: top cholesterol myths

Obesity medicine expert debunks the top cholesterol myths she experiences in practice

By Alexandra Sowa, MD, MA | July 11, 2017

“But, doc, I don’t eat eggs, shrimp and anything with cholesterol in it! How can my numbers be bad?”  That is generally the flabbergasted reaction I get from patients who are disappointed that their cholesterol markers aren’t optimal, even after giving up dietary cholesterol and fat.  Their befuddlement is only made worse when I tell […]

Dr. Jennifer Kherani discusses her fascinating career in medicine

By Summus | June 12, 2017

Our Medical Director, Dr. Jennifer Kherani, was recently profiled by Fairygodboss for her dynamic career in medicine and path to Summus. In the interview, Dr. Kherani shares her career advice for women and why she is so passionate about the work we do at Summus – namely, transforming the healthcare experience for patients and doctors […]

World-Class Doctors Across all Specialties

By Summus | June 1, 2017

When you receive a new diagnosis or are managing an existing condition, research shows that receiving guidance from more experienced doctors drives better outcomes. Here are two data points:

31% of of treatment plans are improved by speaking with experts¹
66% of diagnoses can be better refined by through an expert consultation²

Getting to the right specialist is […]

Summus is proud to support the Sohn Conference Foundation

By Summus | May 8, 2017

Summus is excited to partner with the Sohn Conference Foundation this year. The Foundation’s flagship event, the Sohn Investment Conference in New York, kicks off today. The Conference brings together the best investors to share their unique views and ideas. All contributions are in support of pediatric research and care; Summus is proud to support […]

Dr. Jennifer Kherani featured by MM.LaFleur

By Summus | April 17, 2017

Our Medical Director, Dr. Jennifer Kherani, was recently profiled by MM.LaFleur. MM.LaFleur is a luxury clothing and accessory brand for professional women that celebrates “the woman with #BetterThingsToDo.” In MM.LaFleur’s digital magazine, The-M-Dash, Dr. Kherani discusses her career in medicine and why she became so excited about Summus. Read Dr. Kherani’s full piece here.

Celebrating our physicians on National Doctors’ Day

By Summus | March 30, 2017

Giving people the gift of clear vision; caring for women during high-risk pregnancies; operating on patients with brain tumors. In our most vulnerable moments, we put our trust in the hands of our doctors. In proclaiming National Doctors’ Day in 1991, President George H. W. Bush noted, “medicine is a special calling, and those who […]

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment: Case Study

Navigating an early-stage pancreatic cancer diagnosis

By Summus | March 2, 2017

As a professional investor in New York City’s fast-paced finance industry, Catherine has made a career out of thriving under pressure. But an unexpected diagnosis of early-stage pancreatic cancer presented her with a problem she was unprepared to solve. While Catherine knew it was critical to act quickly, she didn’t know where to turn.
“In my […]

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