THCB Quickbite: Julian Flannery, CEO, Summus

By Summus | December 8, 2022

Matthew Holt from The Health Care Blog, interviewed Julian Flannery, Summus CEO and Founder at HLTH 2022 to get an update on Summus and what to expect in virtual specialty care in 2023. The discussion showcases the Summus multidimensional platform and peer-to-peer escalation model to support improved health outcomes. (Read more)

Some key highlights from the interview include:

  • Market movement toward greater use of virtual specialty care given the cost and complexity that live in specialized healthcare amidst rising costs.
  • Summus enables a peer-to-peer escalation model to share and access healthcare expertise, supporting personalized, condition-specific journeys.
  • Summus’ multidimensional platform supports leading health systems to help scale physician expertise domestically and around the world.
  • Virtual specialty care is the clinical front door to high quality specialized care helping benefits leaders facing point solution fatigue.

Learn more about Summus and watch the interview.

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