TechRepublic: How the “wonderful engineers” at Summus are building the specialist healthcare platform of tomorrow

By Summus | February 3, 2022

Bill Detwiler, Editor in Chief of TechRepublic, interviewed Julian Flannery, Summus CEO and Co-founder, to learn more about Summus, our technology and the future of virtual care. (Read more)

The discussion showcases the elegance of the Summus technology and covers the development process as well as how connecting patients with specialists helps create better outcomes.

Some key highlights from the interview include:

  • Virtual specialty care offers an opportunity for employers who face solution fatigue and multiple benefits to provide a new digital front door to healthcare and curated solutions across health concerns and conditions.
  • Tailored health journeys, with high-quality physicians in the middle of medical decisions, drive 5-7x higher utilization than other solutions.
  • Specialty care is where cost and complexity lives. By offering employees speed and access to high-caliber specialty expertise, employers can save more than $7,000 per engagement.

To learn more about Summus and to watch the interview click here.

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