Forbes: How Patients Are Making U.S. Healthcare Better And What This Means For HR

By Summus | January 26, 2022

Healthcare demands have evolved dramatically since COVID. Employees seek health benefits that align with their healthcare goals, with an expectation for high quality care. In this latest Forbes article, Julian Flannery, Summus CEO & Co-founder, shares key strategies for employers to better support employees and empower them to reach their best level of health.

  • Support employees with personalized care. Implement solutions that include high quality virtual care, tools to support personalized engagement, and data and information tools to help employees feel more powerful in healthcare.
  • Refocus the care process on value. Focus on solutions that meet the level of care needed and place health benefits in the quality category that is so important to employees.
  • Ensure your virtual solutions meet employees’ needs. Apply new measures of success to not only track level of engagement with virtual solutions, but also return on investment and outcomes that come with high quality programs and providers.

Read the full article here.

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