The Health Care Blog: Interview & Deep Dive into Summus Global

By ksarno | January 24, 2022

Julian Flannery, CEO and Co-founder and Denny Purcell, COO sat down with health technology industry expert Matthew Holt for a lively discussion on why virtual specialty care is helping to solve the critical issues of cost and complexity in healthcare.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

  • Virtual specialty care offers an opportunity for employers who face solution fatigue and multiple benefits to provide a new digital front door to healthcare and curated solutions across health concerns and conditions.
  • Tailored health journeys, with high quality physicians supporting medical decision making, drive 5-7x higher utilization than other solutions.
  • Specialty care is where cost and complexity lives. By offering employees speed and access to high-caliber specialty expertise, employers can save more than $7,000 per engagement.

Watch the interview here.

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