The Health Care Blog: Interview & Deep Dive into Summus Global

By ksarno | January 24, 2022

Julian Flannery, CEO and Co-founder and Denny Purcell, COO sat down with health technology industry expert Matthew Holt for a lively discussion on why virtual specialty care is helping to solve the critical issues of cost and complexity in healthcare.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

Virtual specialty care offers an opportunity for […]

BenefitsPro: The new frontier in employee benefits: Virtual specialty care

By Julian Flannery | January 10, 2022

New, personalized virtual care models deliver broad, high-quality solutions beyond primary and urgent care telemedicine.

The health care system doesn’t make it easy to get answers. It is often perplexing for both employees and employers to navigate the process and get access to good, timely care. Paperwork, forms, the wait to see doctors, cost, miscommunications, bad […]

Healthcare IT Today: 2022 Predictions for Telehealth and the Digital Front Door

By Summus | January 6, 2022

Julian Flannery, Summus Founder & CEO, sat down with John Flynn from Healthcare IT Today to share his 2022 telehealth and digital front door predictions:

Virtual Care 2.0: virtual care is evolving rapidly and will encompass more than just primary care in 2022 as patients need more tailored healthcare journeys. Emphasis on Restoring the Human […]

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