Press Release: Telemedicine Reports: Virtual Clinical Shadowing for Pre-Clinical Medical Students in an Emergency Medicine-Based Leadership Course

By Summus | December 21, 2021

Chief Medical Officer leads new telemedicine model for medical students

NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Summus Global, the leading virtual specialist platform, announces Mary Mulcare, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Weill Cornell, and Chief Medical Officer, Summus Global, is leading a new pathway in teaching pre-clinical medical students about telemedicine through virtual platforms.

To overcome pandemic-based in-person learning, medical students successfully shadowed Dr. Mulcare and leading emergency medicine (EM) physicians at Weill Cornell Medicine’s Healthcare Leadership and Management (HLM) Scholars Program. Students gained enhanced experience through a virtual shadowing model of emergency department (ED) patient care and telemedicine patient visits.

Dr. Mulcare is a leader in developing new platforms for delivering virtual care, including Summus Global’s virtual specialist platform.

Learn more about Dr. Mulcare’s latest work at Weill Cornell here.

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