Overcoming infertility challenges with in vitro fertilization

Leading expert discusses infertility, in vitro fertilization, and the ethical implications of family planning

By Jennifer Kherani, MD | July 31, 2017

Starting a family is undeniably life-changing. We take into account everyday factors such as our age, our living arrangement, our careers and maybe even our friends. On a broader level, we look at evolving concepts such as birth and death rates, maternal and paternal age, and the balance of population and resources. In the backdrop […]

Understanding your heart health: top cholesterol myths

Obesity medicine expert debunks the top cholesterol myths she experiences in practice

By Alexandra Sowa, MD, MA | July 11, 2017

“But, doc, I don’t eat eggs, shrimp and anything with cholesterol in it! How can my numbers be bad?”  That is generally the flabbergasted reaction I get from patients who are disappointed that their cholesterol markers aren’t optimal, even after giving up dietary cholesterol and fat.  Their befuddlement is only made worse when I tell […]

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