Choosing the best specialist for your medical questions

Finding the right specialist requires technology and intelligent guidance from a trusted physician

By Jessica Spiegel | June 29, 2017

Most people struggle to find the right specialists to address their medical questions. Many rely on referrals from friends, while others use internet searches to find a doctor within a 10-mile radius. Unfortunately, this can lead to frustration and limited choices.
Recent technical advances in secure communication and data structuring and analysis have created an opportunity […]

How to prepare for a consultation with a specialist

By Jessica Spiegel | June 22, 2017

When confronted with a new diagnosis, managing an ongoing health issue, or contemplating surgery, today’s healthcare system makes it difficult to feel confident in your next steps. Finding the right specialist is especially hard. Once you do, preparing for the consultation will make the difference between a session that yields a confident next step, and […]

Renowned NYC hand surgeon on the future of orthopedics

A discussion on choosing the right surgeon and the importance of translational medicine

By Jennifer Kherani, MD | June 21, 2017

The human hand is comprised of 27 bones, 29 joints, at least 123 named ligaments – and has countless uses. Our hands are a structure not only of great complexity, but also of tremendous utility. Think of how much you can accomplish by using them. Whether striving to achieve success as an architect, a musician, […]

How should I help my father with his prostate cancer diagnosis?

Summus case study: Supporting a parent in weighing treatment options

By Jessica Spiegel | June 15, 2017

Summus provides access, within days, to leading physicians to address questions across all specialties and medical conditions. This case study provides a roadmap for leveraging specialist expertise by walking through how Michael and his father leveraged the Summus network to help them decide on the best treatment plan for his father’s prostate cancer.
“My dad […]

Dr. Jennifer Kherani discusses her fascinating career in medicine

By Summus | June 12, 2017

Our Medical Director, Dr. Jennifer Kherani, was recently profiled by Fairygodboss for her dynamic career in medicine and path to Summus. In the interview, Dr. Kherani shares her career advice for women and why she is so passionate about the work we do at Summus – namely, transforming the healthcare experience for patients and doctors […]

Fertility options after an ectopic pregnancy

Summus case study: Supporting couples in starting a family

By Jessica Spiegel | June 8, 2017

Summus provides access, within days, to leading physicians who provide expert guidance so you can make informed medical decisions quickly. This case study provides a roadmap for leveraging specialist expertise when a couple is struggling with fertility. Learn how Edward, a Summus member, and his wife, Amanda, researched fertility options within days, rather than wait […]

World-Class Doctors Across all Specialties

By Summus | June 1, 2017

When you receive a new diagnosis or are managing an existing condition, research shows that receiving guidance from more experienced doctors drives better outcomes. Here are two data points:

31% of of treatment plans are improved by speaking with experts¹
66% of diagnoses can be better refined by through an expert consultation²

Getting to the right specialist is […]

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